• Image of Felted Sloth Pin DIY Kit

Haven’t you always wanted a statement pin that you can name? We named ours Harold.

Create your very own felted sloth pin with the help of this DIY kit. Not only is this signature sloth darling, but it’s a statement piece that all your friends will envy— especially once you mention that it is handmade.


This DIY kit includes various colors of wool, felting needle, foam mat, 2 eyes, wood plaque and magnet or pinback.

Available for FREE shipping in the US.


The Felted Sloth Pin DIY Kit was created by Little Teeth Marks, in partnership with Craft Lake City.
The artist behind Little Teeth Marks is Stacie Van Arsdale. The Davis County–based Van Arsdale has taken her wild imagination to run her Etsy shop, teach children’s art classes at Bountiful’s Joy Foundation, and participate in Craft Lake City’s DIY Festival, where she introduced us to a three-foot-long furry, horned, four-pony-legged “land narwhal.”

Available for FREE shipping in the US. Also available for pick up at a scheduled time at Craft Lake City Headquarters (351 Pierpont Ave #4b, Salt Lake City, UT 84101). If you would like to pick up your kit in person, please let us know in the notes section of your purchase.

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