• Image of Plakat Postcard Set
  • Image of Plakat Postcard Set
  • Image of Plakat Postcard Set

Craft Lake City has teamed up with some of our previous Celebration of the Hand artisans to curate a set of Plakat Postcards featuring work from previous Celebration of the Hand exhibitions! This set includes 4"x6" postcards/mini art prints.

If you have walked or driven along Broadway (300 South) in Salt Lake City, you may have noticed some steel frames, or plakats (the German word for billboard), lining the sidewalks. These plakats are the platform for Craft Lake City’s outdoor exhibit, Celebration of the Hand. To see our previous exhibitions visit https://craftlakecity.com/celebration-of-the-hand/

Featured Artists:
Top left: Kandace Hardee's piece from the Winter 2022 exhibition "Faces of Creativity" @yellowfeat

Top right: One of Lunares' pieces from the Fall 2018 exhibition "Lunares" @alethialunares

Bottom left: One of Lya Yang's pieces from the Winter 2021 exhibition "Lya Yang" www.lyayang.com

Bottom right: Laura Frisk's piece from the Summer 2020 exhibition "Salty" www.laurafriskart.com